_DSC9364-SO-top-sig2_dgp_crAlong the Taunton River
Photographs of areas of interest and beauty along the Taunton River.



Abstract Boat ReflectionAbstracts
Abstract images in a variety of media including photography, digital art, mixed media/digital and painting.



Images taken on various trips to Arizona in places such as Sedona, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff and Page.



DSC8447-SO-top-sig2_dgp_cr.jpgNew Mexico
Explorations of the high desert including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Chama, Farmington, Ship Rock and many others.



The creation of an image by layering two or more photos together.



Random and sometimes fleeting captures on the street in various locations.


Equal but reversed top to bottom or side to side, these images often invoke a feeling of serenity.